Who we are

How do you imagine life of gangsters in the post-war world of Great Britain, cracking by the seams? These were not just gangsters greedy for money, accustomed from modern action movies. They were real heroes of the war, old-stagers of the First World War, devoid of the past by life overturns. In order to overcome all difficulties and preserve self-esteem, the gangsters have created holistic knightly codes of honor and dress codes, deviation from which was tantamount to treason.

Starting our business as a united family, we imbued with the life credo of heroes of the  Steven Knight`s Universe, taken from real life. In the halls of the barbershop located on Poznyaky district, we transferred not only individual scenes from films, but also filled them with an appropriate atmosphere. To create a men’s barbershop in Kiev, we collected a whole arsenal of tools and took out a warehouse of royal consumables. The police wanted to shut us down for arrogant style and foresight trends, but they failed, Poznyaky did not give us away.